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April 2006 - I became the co-host of a local radio program for pets.  The half-hour program is called "Critter Patter" and airs on 88.9FM KRFC radio Fort Collins on Saturday nights at 5pm MST.  Anyone in the world can listen to the program on the web at www.krfcfm.org/stream (click on your desired launch stream) and call the studio with questions at 970-221-5065.   

January 2004 - I've started co-writing articles with Narda Robinson, DO, DVM for a new feature in Cat Fancy magazine called "The Naked Cat: the bare truth on natural cat care" as well as a few feature articles on kitten nutrition and respiratory viruses in cats.  "The Naked Cat" will feature topics like natural cures for chronic constipation in cats, the vaccine controversy, biodegradable cat litter and the dangers of raw food diets.  For more information, visit www.catfancy.com.

August 2003 - The Coloradoan newspaper in Fort Collins, CO published an article about my work with pets.  Click here to view the article.

October 2002 - The Angel By My Side by Mike Lingenfelter and David Frei is released.  It features my communication sessions with Dakota, the Golden Retriever who alerts people of impending heart attacks.  It includes a chapter on an alert that came from Dakota through me to his owner who was two states away at the time.  Click here to view more about the book.