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What is "energy work"?
What kinds of medical problems can energy work be used for?
Can energy work help me or my pet?
Why should I bother with energy work if I'm healthy?
Can I call you to tell me what's wrong with my pet instead of going to the vet?
Can you talk to my pet long-distance over the phone in another state?
Why can't you just tell me what's wrong with me or my pet?  Why don't you know all the answers?
Can you communicate with dead animals or people?


What is "energy work"?(back to top)

It's kind of like acupuncture without the needles.  The goal of energy work is to release blocks and help energy flow evenly through the body.  "Blocks" in energy flow can appear to patients in many ways.  Physically, they may be sensed as pain or other symptoms associated with illnesses.  Mentally and emotionally, patients who are blocked may feel tired, unable to concentrate, "spacey", or may be storing emotions like fear and anger.  The practitioner's hands act like acupuncture needles to release these blocks and restore balance to the body.  The intention is that whatever is for the patient's best and highest good will occur.  The healing energy flows from the universe through the practitioner into the patient.  The patient's body uses the energy where it needs it.  The energy works on four levels of the body--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What kinds of medical problems can energy work be used for?(back to top)

It can be used for any condition and like any other therapy, it will help some and not others.  We are not all the same!  If we were, we could all take the same antibiotic for the same infections and all be cured.  But some people are allergic to certain antibiotics, just like some people don't like the way acupuncture feels.  You need to find out if energy work complements your well-being and you won't know unless you try it.

Energy work can be used for chronic illnesses to boost the immune system and help the mind and body feel better.  Research experiments have shown it to be effective at decreasing pain and that it can speed up wound healing.  Energy work can be used to prepare the body for surgery and help to repair it afterwards.  It can also be used to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Can energy work help me or my pet?(back to top)

Because of the intention set by the practitioner, it can't hurt.  In my experience, it is best to combine traditional medical therapies with those holistic therapies that work for you.  This gives you the best chance at successfully treating any illness.  I encourage "energy check-ups" for pets to see if there are any imbalances that may result in future physical illnesses.  For people, I recommend doing whatever therapies de-stress and re-energize your body and mind.  Energy work may be one of those therapies.

Why should I bother with energy work if I'm healthy?(back to top)

It is so much easier to prevent disease than to treat it!  Stay healthy--stress can lead to dis-ease.  Find ways to relieve stress and keep your immune system functioning well, like yoga, massage, Tai Chi and energy work.

Can I call you to tell me what's wrong with my pet instead of going to the vet?(back to top)

It doesn't work that way and you shouldn't rely on anyone giving information like that for either you or your pet.  There is no substitute for good medicine and diagnostic skills.  There have been a lot of animals that do tell me what is wrong with them and how to fix it.  Sometimes however, they don't know or I am unable to receive the answer clearly.  I ask that before you call for an appointment for a pet with a medical problem that you see a traditional veterinarian first.  If you do not have a regular traditional veterinarian and you are in the Fort Collins area, I recommend Dr. Mike Jewell at The Pet Wellness Clinic:  www.thepetwellnessclinic.com.

Can you talk to my pet long-distance over the phone in another state?(back to top)

Yes, long-distance communication sessions are possible.  I now have clients all across the country and even some in England and Canada.  But to do a session I require a picture of anyone we will be asking questions about, human or animal.  I do not just get feelings or answers by talking to someone, I need to see a picture of them.

Why can't you just tell me what's wrong with me or my pet?  Why don't you know all the answers?(back to top)

It will sound like a cop-out but sometimes certain answers just aren't meant to be known.  We (people and animals) are here to learn lessons about life and sometimes those lessons involve unfortunate things, like cancer, accidents and death.  Some animals (my own dog included) have admitted to me that they knew something was medically wrong with them and they chose not to tell me because they did not want to be treated or feared going to the vet.  Also, there is the factor of how strong the connection with the person or animal is during a communication session.  It is easier for me to connect with certain individuals more than others.  In those cases, I will tell you if I feel the answer strongly or if the answers seem weak. 

Can you communicate with dead animals or people?(back to top)

Most of the time, yes.  If the person or animal has been dead a long time and has reincarnated, then I cannot connect with them.  In those cases, a guide usually shows up to tell me what became of their soul.  In any case I still usually need a picture of the deceased person or pet--I don't open myself up to every spirit who's speaking to me like psychic medium John Edward does!  (I admire John very much and highly recommend his TV show, Crossing Over.)  My psychic radar is not constantly "on" for the whole spirit world to tune into.  I make it a point to only connect with one being at a time, which is why I use the photograph.

(Color drawing courtesy of Hands Of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan)