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When I was sixteen I discovered I could communicate with the guides or angels around us.  It wasn't until I completed training in energy work that I realized the full potential of this ability.


What is the "Higher Self"?  The Higher Self is like the subconscious mind.  It connects us to all other living things in this world.  We don't usually hear what is happening among all of our subconscious ties.  However, it is possible to communicate with each other this way, usually in times of crisis.  When you hear stories of a mother hearing her child cry out in her mind that the child has been hurt or in an accident, this is an example of Higher Self communication.  Twins are also often capable of knowing what the other twin is doing or feeling.  This is another example.


The Higher Self is not "all-knowing" but can provide guidance and insight into many life circumstances.  When I am performing energy work, I make contact with the person's or animal's Higher Self.  We ask questions during the session and obtain answers from the Higher Self and the guides.  People ask questions about medical conditions, their jobs, relationships and direction in their life.  Pet owners ask about their pet's medical and behavioral problems, likes and dislikes and what they can do to make the pet happier.


I do not consider myself a traditional "animal communicator", mostly because I also "communicate" with people's minds.  I do not rely on receiving pictures, images or feelings from the animal, although sometimes I do get them.  The animals respond in English and with complete sentences.  This is because I speak English.  To the best of my understanding about what I do, this "universal subconscious connection" that I tap into answers the inquirer in a language they will understand.  I have read accounts of others who appear to be using the same "method" I use and they don't speak English.  It is also due to this universal connection that I am able to do communication sessions with people and animals over long distances.


I use information from the Higher Self and the guides in conjunction with my medical training.  Any information obtained during a session should be analyzed by the patient and incorporated into the patient's life and treatments as they see fit.  I encourage my patients to keep relationships with their general practitioners and veterinarians for good traditional medicine while I focus on which holistic therapies can help them.  Traditional medicine should not be disregarded and I do not advocate only using holistic therapies to treat any medical problem.  Patients should be cautious of anyone giving medical advice without medical training.  Some people refer to themselves as "medical intuitives".  I am not saying all "medical intuitives" are frauds but I have had experiences with people being told their physical symptoms are due solely to emotional problems or past life issues and their health was put in jeopardy.  Although these may be the original causes of the physical problem, there is now a medical condition that should be addressed by a professional--do not ignore what your body is telling you!

(Drawings courtesy of Hands Of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan and Time Life books, Mysteries of the Unknown: Psychic Powers)