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(pronounced ray-key)


Reiki is one form of energy work whose roots come from Japan.  It involves sending healing energy to the patient which the patient's body uses where it is needed.  The practitioner's hands are placed on or over the patient's body.  The intention is that whatever is for the patient's best and highest good will occur.  The healing energy flows from the universe through the practitioner into the patient.  It works on four levels of the body--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki is traditionally taught through close Master-student relationships.  The Reiki Master gives the student a series of attunements which clear blocks and open channels in the body for energy to flow.  There are three levels to the training--I, II and Master.  Historically in Japan only the Master Teacher could tell the student when he was ready to become a Master himself.  Students would pay up to $10,000 for the Master training which took up to a year to complete.  The Japanese believe not everyone should become a Reiki Master and if the student really wants it, he should pay a lot and work hard so he values it more.  In America, Reiki has become very commercialized and there are courses that offer Reiki I, II and the Master level all in one weekend of training.  Some courses are even offered long-distance over the internet.  This has angered the Japanese.  If you are considering taking Reiki classes, I suggest you interview your potential Master Teacher about his background and he should also question you.  There is a lot to learn--having the right teacher is important!




Reiki sessions on a dog and a person