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"After having surgery on my jaw and being left with numbness for nearly two years, I asked Brenda to come over and do some energy work.  The doctors told me that I would never get all the feeling back.  She told me that there was no reason for the area to not completely heal and continued to do Reiki in that area.  During the energy work I began to feel tingling in my chin where it had felt numb and 'dead' for quite some time.  Every time she worked on the area I felt more tingling.  Each time it felt 'dead' again I would ask her to work on it and it would revive and start tingling--today there is still a small area of numbness but it is VERY small compared to what I started out with and I know that with continued sessions I will get all the feeling back.  Brenda has also worked on my kitties--BC, who is now about 17 years old, was very weak with her thyroid disease and unable to jump up on the counter anymore (which I was grateful for in a way!).  After Brenda worked with her she is now able to jump again--she has more energy after her Reiki sessions!  Also, the work she has done with my renal kitty, Annie, has helped to extend her life.  I've been giving Annie fluids for nearly five years now and we're down to once a week rather than two or three times per week.  Brenda communicated with my renal Siamese kitty who told me he did not want fluids or pills of any kind--and I administered them anyway--and as he predicted, he chose to transition.  Communicating with two of my kitties both during and following their deaths has helped me tremendously in healing the grieving process.  I knew it was their choice to go and they assured Brenda that they would be with me during the time that I needed them--and I knew they were there."   ----Carol F., Fort Collins, CO

"Dr. Brenda McClelland is a very special person.  We wholeheartedly recommend her to all our friends who have pets with illness or other problems.  Her ability to communicate with animals is uncanny.  We are so grateful to her for helping us to understand our dog Ace's emotional and physical status during his grueling battle with cancer and appreciated her suggestions to reduce his discomfort using homeopathics which Ace responded to quite well.  She was always there for us during that year long ordeal and afterwards to assure us that Ace was doing fine in the afterlife.  But most amazing, was Dr. McClelland's ability to use Reiki on our dog Cocomo during two recent life threatening bouts of kidney failure.  Her healing touch literally saved his life.  We can't thank her enough."   ----Chris and Edie B., Fort Collins, CO

"Brenda's Reiki and communication skills have affected our lives in many positive ways.  She has been an invaluable resource to us.  It is wonderful to have a clearer idea of our critters likes and dislikes and pains and joys.  Brenda has shed light on several mysterious problems occurring in our pets as well as offering insight on some of their unique behavioral traits.  One of our dogs, Elsa, had severe allergies and was reaching a critical point.  Brenda helped us to understand that the allergies were worsened more by emotional factors than environmental.  Through several Reiki and Healing Touch sessions Elsa gained weight and grew an enormous and beautiful coat.  Reiki sessions for the humans in our home have proven to be very insightful and therapeutic.  My personal experience from Reiki sessions resulted in clearer thinking, greater faith in my own perceptions, and increased peace of mind."   ----Jackie L., Loveland, CO

"When I attend a Reiki/Healing Touch session with Brenda, I am usually in physical pain due to my fibromyalgia, and severe emotional unbalance due to my psychological issues.  Although I am in constant pain, I know it is time for me to make an appointment with Brenda when I feel myself in a state of emotional discontent.  Brenda goes to great lengths to make sure I am completely  comfortable, asks me and my higher self excellent questions.  She gives me suggestions on things I could do to improve my situation, and is never forceful about it.  What I find most compelling about my sessions with Brenda is the state of complete relaxation and homeostasis my body has reached, and the emotional equilibrium I feel.  This feeling lasts for weeks.  On the business end of the spectrum, Brenda is excellent at returning phone calls in an extremely timely manner.  She works diligently at combining her schedule with yours.  I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone, and have."   ----"Tori-Anne L.", Fort Collins, CO

"Dr. McClelland, thank you for your help with Dakota.  Each and every communication session with Dakota has been proven to be right.  I cannot tell you how much you have helped both my family and me in our time of need.  Just knowing that Dakota understood how much we loved him and that we were only trying to do what was right for him meant so much to us.  Dakota consoling us through you has been invaluable in dealing with his loss.  His telling us that the end was here and his help in finding Ogilvie would never have happened without you.  Thank you.  I will admit that in the beginning I did not believe in your work.  But as witnessed in Dakota's book 'The Angel By My Side' there is no question as to your ability.  Brenda, thank you for giving me inner-peace."   ----Mike Lingenfelter, formerly TX, now AL       Co-author of "The Angel By  My Side"

"We have been working with Brenda since April 2001 and she is wonderful!  Thanks to Brenda we've gained so many insights into our cats; the biggest one being that our animals understand everything we say around and to them.  She actually showed us once.  We had four kitties, and one, Newton, was having a weight issue.  We discussed off and on what we could do to help Newton and Matt joked, 'Why don't we put a little kitty treadmill in the basement for him?'.  Well, when Brenda came, she asked all the other kitties what we should do about Newton's weight issue.  Marie, one of our other kitties, told Brenda in a snippy voice, 'Maybe you should put him on a treadmill.'  Now, we are much more aware of what we discuss around our kitties!  Newton has since passed over, but we are thankful we have Brenda helping facilitate communication with our cats."                ------Matt & Deann P., Fort Collins, CO

"I've had the huge pleasure of cats all my life.  Somehow, though, I began to feel a bit out of touch with my two 'mentally/spiritually' and was worried about some behavior traits from both of them.  I) My male cat (who has only one damaged eye) began to put himself into physically dangerous situations so I began to worry a lot about him while I was at work.  2) Several years ago the female cat became terrified whenever a man was in the room.  Thankfully her behavior began to subside but I was curious as to what happened to the poor thing.  Brenda came, sat on the floor and began to 'speak' to them individually.  I could tell which she was 'speaking' to because they went up to her and looked at her despite the fact that she had her eyes closed and was facing the floor.  It turns out the male cat is bored because of his physical limitations and would really enjoy some more challenging toys and trips like we used to do when he was a kitten.  I bought some better toys which he responded to immediately.  I took him on a trip to Cheyenne for the day and he loved every minute of it, to the extent that on the way home he reached out of his pet carrier and patted my arm.  I take him out more and spend quality time with him exploring the neighborhood very early in the morning when he is safe from dogs.  The female cat was apparently frightened by a man with a name sounding like 'Carl'.  My ex-fiancÚ's name is Cyril, and he stalked me for a year after we broke up.  He came into my house while I was at work and moved things, hiding jewelry and personal items.  I think he must have frightened her on one of his illegal visits.  My cats and I are closer than ever because of Brenda's help.  I think of pets as adopted children who are only with us for the age of a teenager.  That time should be as quality as possible.  Thank you Brenda!"   ----Mary E., Fort Collins, CO

"We first met Dr. McClelland while we were wrestling with the veterinary specialist's recommendation to put our Labrador Rastus through an expensive diagnostic surgery, his third operation in as many months, in an attempt to explain the mysterious lumps which kept appearing between the dog's scapulas.  A friend suggested we might try Reiki and possibly even animal communication with Dr. McClelland on the odd chance we might find some relief without the surgery.  Although we were apprehensive approaching that first session, Brenda's calm manner and thoroughness, together with our dog's trust of her, quickly put us at ease with these unfamiliar procedures.  Looking back on that first session, it was not the energy work but the communication that stands out in our minds.  Our dog relayed through Brenda he did not need the impending surgery, but wanted certain nutritional supplements instead.  Within less than two weeks of that session, after following the regime Rastus suggested, we marveled at the disappearance of the final lump from his back.  We were blessed to share our home with Rastus almost two more years, and during that time we called upon Brenda several more times to help with him.  Once he swallowed a piece of a chew hoof and was unable to eat normal amounts of food.  Later he developed bone cancer in his leg, and eventually that ugly illness consumed his life.  However, during both minor and more serious medical problems, we utilized Brenda's services together with those of our traditional veterinarian.  At times it was the energy work she did which helped identify problem areas and ease discomfort.  At other times it was the animal communication which helped us understand Rastus and know how best to support him.  While Rastus may seem unusual in his willingness to communicate and participate in his own healing, we recognized Brenda's talent and employed her service with some of our other animals:  our donkey who fights the farrier, our eight-year-old llama facing his first shearing, and a stray cat we were considering adopting.  Through a combination of energy work and communication, Brenda has been able to provide us with concrete resolutions to each situation."   ---John, Sue, Karissa & Amelia T., formerly Loveland, CO, now Taylor, TX